CHAOSS has been released. And GrimoireLab is part of it!

Today is an important milestone for GrimoireLab. Our little project has joined the set of The Linux Foundation projects to help open source ecosystems development. That Metrics Grimoire rewriting we started two years ago, to make easier for OSS projects and community managers to analyze software communities and development processes, has become part of a big family.

During Open Source Summit North America opening keynotes, Jim Zemlin, The Linux Foundation executive director, has presented CHAOSS (Community Health Analytics Open Source Software).

CHAOSS is a new Linux Foundation project aimed at producing integrated, open source software for analyzing open source development, together with defining implementation-agnostic metrics for measuring community activity, contributions and health. The CHAOSS community will help improve transparency of key project metrics, contributing to improve the project itself, as well as helping third parties make informed decisions when engaging with projects

It’s an open community to define metrics (CHAOSS Metrics) and to develope tools (CHAOSS Software) to analyze open source projects development and communities.

CHAOSS announcement slide
CHAOSS announcement during The Linux Foundation OSSUmmit in LA

GrimoireLab is Bitergia’s contribution to the project as one of CHAOSS founding members. To be accepted as one of The Linux Foundation projects is an important milestone for us and for the GrimoireLab community in general. The project has a new mailing list, and we invite to all of you to join it!

Lately, we have seen an increase in the number of projects using GrimoireLab open source technology during last months. To name a few:

If you want to start playing with GrimoireLab, check the complete open tutorial and don’t hesitate to submit issues and requests to GrimoireLab repositories

If you are at the Open Source Summit North America, there are several activities related with CHAOSS and GrimoireLab:

We would like also to thank Kate Stewart, for her bet on GrimoireLab since the first time she knew about it. Without her support it wouldn’t have reached this important milestone. And also thanks to the community and users that help to improve the project with new ideas and features. Let’s keep it going forward! Join the GrimoireLab community!!

GrimoireLab Community Dashboard
GrimoireLab Community Dashboard

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