Analyze community and software development with Cauldron

In our previous post about Cauldron, we introduced Cauldron as a SaaS solution for project managers, analysts, and developers to analyze the community and processes of open source software development projects.

This post introduces new features of Cauldron and outlines our plan for the future. These additions are built on top of GrimoireLab and OpenDistro for Elasticsearch.

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Cross-communities collaboration: A new era to develop communities

Since Open Source has been declared a key factor for gaining competitive advantage within Software Industry, more and more companies begin to develop and collaborate within Open Source projects. This implies an important growth within project ecosystems, with more complex interactions between projects. Thus, are community professionals prepared to face these changes that have a direct impact on how we develop communities?
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I’ve got an Open Source Program Office, now what?

Nowadays, since every company is a tech company, Open Source Program Offices (AKA OSPO) are getting popular among many organizations such as Uber, Comcast, Google, Amazon, Intel, etc. to better implement Open Source projects within their company to promote cross-community collaboration and thus, create a centralized organization of expertise around Open Source activities.

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InnerSource for financial services: A way to improve digital transformation?

One of the main points you think about when trying to implement digital transformation in financial services is software (Software is eating the labor market!). In fact, digital companies see their software as a crucial strategic asset for gaining competitive advantage and are constantly seeking new ways  and models to improve innovation, break out silos or be faster to the market. Indeed, these are some of the main benefits InnerSource offers
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Join Bitergia for the next Open source Summit

Open Source Summit Europe is almost here and Bitergia is ready for one of the biggest open source conferences in Europe. The event will take place on 22nd-24th of October at Edinburgh international conference centre in UK.

Bitergia, which core technology is 100% open source software, will indeed participate in such event with lots of new talks with our CDO Daniel izquierdo as main speaker. Let’s know more of them!
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