Report on the activity of companies in the WebKit project

[Update (2013.03.01): New post in the series: Reviewers and companies in the WebKit project]

Today Bitergia presents the first of a series on analytics for the WebKit project. After the preview we published some weeks ago, we finally have more detailed and accurate numbers about the evolution of the project. In this case, we’re presenting a report on the activity of the companies contributing to WebKit based on the analysis of reviewed commits.

Commits per company
Commits per company in WebKit

Some interesting results are the share of contributions by the two main companies behind the project (Apple and Google), and how it has evolved from a project clearly driven by Apple, before 2009, to the current situation, with Google leading the top contributors table, and both Apple and Google being almost equal in contribution share over the whole history of the project. During the last years, it is also noteworthy how the diversity of the project is increasing, with new players starting to show a significant activity.

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Project analytics integrated into Allura

One of the business lines we have at Bitergia is the integration of project analytics with forges. And one of our first targets has been Allura, the free software forge that runs the new SourceForge. We’re finally proud to announce that the integration is finally ready and is fully functional. It will be improved with time, but you can already put it to work, if you happen to run Allura.

Project analytics in Allura
Project analytics in Allura

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Activity of Apple, Google and other companies in the WebKit project

[Update: we have published a more accurate and validated report, please have a look at it]

WebKit is a well known free, open source software project which is producing the core of several of the most popular web browsers. Several companies (and other actors) are collaborating together to build this component, which is key to many of them. The two main players in WebKit are Apple and Google, but it is less known that there are many others participating actively as well. They are far away from the big players, but all together account for a sizable fraction of the total activity.

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The project Metrics Grimoire started

One of the main activities of Bitergia, our brand new company, is to provide software
development metrics from Free/Libre Open Source Software communities, thus
for us it is critical to have the best metrics tools available. During last years
we have been working in the development of some of them like CVSAnaly, Bicho and Mailing List
stats and now we think that these tools should be part of a bigger
and more neutral project where the LibreSoft research group and third parties
like our company can collaborate in order to create a bigger community. This is the
main target of the project Metrics Grimoire, which is based in some of the
tools that were formerly known as LibreSoft tools.

The project is hosted in Github and so far the tools that have been added are:

  • CVSAnalY, a tool that extracts information out of source code repository logs and stores it into a database.
  • RepositoryHandler, a python library for handling code repositories through a common interface.
  • MailingListStats, a command line based tool used to analyze mboxes.
  • Bicho, a command line based tool used to parse bug/issue tracking systems.
  • CMetrics, which measures size and complexity for C files.

If you are interested in the tools or if you want to collaborate with us you can reach
the Metrics Grimoire community in this mailing list:

Sincerely yours,
the Bitergia team.

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