Fosdem 2016

It’s been an amazing FOSDEM, as always. We had the opportunity to chat (sometime very briefly) with friends and people we see time to time. FOSDEM always feels like home 🙂

It’s been stressful as well. So, let’s start day by day…

FLOSS Community Metrics meeting (#FCM2)

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Bitergia team at FOSDEM!

One more year, Bitergia team will be at FOSDEM (January 30th & 31st), the conference that offers open source communities a place to meet, share ideas and collaborate.

FOSDEM is a free and non-commercial event organised by the community for the community. It’s the best place to get in touch with other developers and projects; be informed about the latest developments in the open source world; attend interesting talks and presentations on various topics by open source project leaders and contributors; to promote the development and the benefits of open source solutions.

Bitergia has been working during the last years on metrics and how they can increase the transparency in projects, helping gain a deeper knowledge of development processes and better understanding the communities by using open source tools. FOSDEM seems to be one of the right places to talk about metrics and open source analytical tools. So…

Bitergia Kibana dashboards screenshots
Bitergia Kibana based dashboards with data from some FOSS dev community

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FLOSS Community Metrics meeting and FOSDEM 2015: Metrics matter!

As expected, it has been an intense weekend in Brussels, participating in FLOSS Community Metrics meeting, and the stressful FOSDEM.

FLOSS Community Metrics meeting

On Friday, we participated in the FLOSS Community Metrics meeting, that has doubled the number of attendees from last year edition in Portland!!!

It has been great learning from Dawn Foster’s and Jesús González-Barahona’s talks about strategies and tools. We have some good insights about Debian from Stefano Zachiroli, and a very enjoyable presentation form Prof. Merelo about contributors on GitHub by city in Spain, with very funny moments…

During ligthning talks there were a bunch of very interesting presentations from developers, community managers, etc. On the Bitergia side, we presented the work that is being done in MARKOS Project about analyzing project licenses.

The meeting ended with a very interesting open discussion about the topic. The conclusions were clear, everyone is interested to know better what happens in their project, and metrics can help, but you must know how to use them. On the other hand, if we want transparency and work openly, the tools we use to produce these metrics should be free, open and transparent.

Last, it was announced that we are already working on a new meeting for July, close to OSCON dates… Stay tuned!


On Saturday we participated, along with community managers from Puppet and Chef and more than 150 people, in an impromptu AMA session of questions and answers about the importance of metrics to determine the health of the community. It was rewarding to see that many of the metrics and services already available, were interesting for the people. In addition, services that we are working on, as analysis of activity in Meetup, were most requested, along with sentiment analysis.

On this last point, we have made some approximation, but for now we focus on highlighting where the most significant discussions take place, saving community managers from monitor all traffic from mailing lists or forums (like Askbot, StackOverflow, Discourse, etc.).

On Sunday, our colleague, Daniel Izquierdo took part in the lightning talks presenting GrimoireLib, Python library that represents the core Bitergia tools to provide metrics and reports.

And that has been almost all, from a very intense weekend, meeting with old friends, new colleagues, customers and many interesting people and projects… Let’s meet again in 2016!

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