Our talks on FOSDEM

Bitergia team at FOSDEM
Bitergia team at FOSDEM

As we were telling you a few weeks ago, we were joining FOSDEM, not only as attendees but as speakers.

We would like to share our experience, giving you details about our talks…

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How, What and When Measure Inner Source

We are pleased to announce that we are writing a book about inner source.

We have been collaborating for some months with companies that are developing this methodology to produce the software they need. They were pioneers who early on realized that inner source has lots of benefits for talent management, software development, and business improvement. And now others are asking us for advice about implementing inner source.

So we have decided to bring together all our knowledge about inner source, share it and ask for open collaborations. We want to do this as openly as possible. We are building it as a GitBook, posting each chapter and asking for reviews. We will announce each part on our blog. So stay tuned and don’t miss a thing!

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