Why OSPO teams need a single source of truth (and how to achieve it)

Company goals around using, consuming, contributing to and maintaining open source software (OSS) projects are usually related to market positioning, required upstream features development, and talent attraction or retention. Well-organized OSS efforts are managed by an Open Source Programs Office (OSPO).

To achieve these goals and respond to increasingly specific requests from the OSS community and ecosystems, OSPO teams need to organize and combine a number of data sources, analyze information faster, and deliver more insightful analysis from several channels. This post explains the benefits of having a single source of truth and some ideas OSPOs can apply to achieve it.

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Kibiter new release now supporting Open Distro for ElasticSearch

Bitergia has migrated Kibiter to ES/Kibana versión 6.8.6 that will improve Bitergia Analytics platform to add new functionalities, bug fixes, and security improvements from upstream. Kibiter is a custom soft fork of Kibana which powers GrimoireLab Panels with metrics & data visualizations. This post summarises major improvements

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Software development analytics for the remote work era

There will be companies that emerge stronger from the global coronavirus pandemic crisis because they adapt to changes and invest: We are living in the remote collaboration era, in which more companies are becoming software, and open source software is eating the world. To come out stronger, companies need to learn to work in distributed remote teams and specifically in open source, adapt to the changes in industry by breaking down silos and improving collaboration, and apply data-driven management to their (open source) software development.

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GrimoireLab 0.2.40 release is out!

A new version of GrimoireLab is out. This post shows the major improvements from the latest GrimoireLab toolkit releases.

GrimoireLab is a 100% open source project maintained mainly by Bitergia developers and part of CHAOSS Software projects, one of The Linux Foundation projects. GrimoireLab’s main goal is to provide a software development analytics toolkit to analyze software development projects.

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