Daniel, a new Bitergian, joins the nest – Introducing our DevOps Engineer.

The nest continues receiving new Bitergians! This time we wanted to welcome Daniel, who joined Bitergia as the new DevOps Engineer. In this blog post, we’re exploring the current situation of our Engineering team and why Daniel is a good fit. We will also present the background that brings him to Bitergia, his first impressions about us, and his ideas and next steps.

To present Daniel and talk about the Engineering team, Santiago Dueñas, our CTO, will share with us some insights about it.

What is the current situation in the Engineering team at Bitergia?

Over the last few months, we have been improving our tools to deploy Bitergia Analytics on different cloud providers. Currently, we support Google Cloud Platform and Digital Ocean solutions, but we would like to extend it to the other two big cloud providers: AWS and Azure. We are also upgrading our platform to support OpenSearch 2.4 and GrimoireLab 0.8, which will bring significant changes and essential new features to our customers.

Why did we choose to work with Daniel?

We felt we needed to hire an engineer with experience in devops and a background in open source to speed up all the plans we have for this new year. Daniel meets these requirements, so we think he’s the ideal candidate for this position.

Welcome on board, Daniel!

devops engineer

For this section, Daniel shared with us some first words and impressions about Bitergia, why he wanted to be part of our team, his background, and experiences, and how this experience will help Bitergia with these new challenges.

What is your background? 

I have been working as sysadmin since I started my IT career. Still, last year I changed my role to Devops/SRE/Platform Engineer (whatever name you wanted to call it), which I’ve found very interesting, for example, working with automation processes, cloud infrastructure, deployments…This is my role here at Bitergia.

Have you heard about Bitergia before?

Honestly, no, but for me, it has been a great surprise to know Bitergia, not only its activity or business but also the team behind the company.

Why did you want to work with us?

The first motivation is because it’s an Open Source company, and I identify myself as a user and fan of Open Source technologies. I’ve tried to work with Open Source companies or projects, but it couldn’t be possible at that moment. On the other hand, I prefer to work in companies with not too many people; I like to know every mate in the company. And, of course, the role and its duties. So Bitergia fits very well with that idea of work.

First impressions & future actions 

In my first weeks, I’m meeting my mates and learning about the company. I’m happy to be here because there is a good team and people inside Bitergia, and I hope soon I can help the company and my mates a lot.

You can connect with Daniel and talk on LinkedIn or drop a message by email. He will be happy to answer any questions!

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