BAP 0.5 release: new features and updates

The 0.5 release of BAP -Bitergia Analytics Platform- is now available since September 28. In this blog post, we want to share new features and how changes can affect your work.

New Features

  • Multi-tenancy. The platform now allows groups of users to access isolated and customized environments using only one instance.
  • API to import/export BAP menu. Admins would be able to edit the BAP menu and export its contents to a portable format using a new API. See the BAP 0.5 release notes for instructions on how to export and import menus.
  • Editable color node palette on network visualization. Users can choose their favorite colors to display different nodes in the network visualization.
BAP 0.5 release

Changes That Can Affect Users

  • Browser cache needs to be cleared in order to use the multi-tenancy features and avoid visualizations with no data.
  • Menu object has changed from metadashboard to menu. Old menus should be migrated and stored under the new object.
  • Service endpoints (OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards) might change.
  • Short links will work but need to be updated, example:





  • Index pattern and aliases may have different names, which include the tenant ID. Visualizations might stop working and should be updated to use the new name.

Do you need help with BAP? 

The Support Team is available for you! Bitergia provides you with a team of experts available to help you with anything you’ll need. The Support Platform Is available for users to ask for support in any issue you have, by filling up a ticket form and where you can track all your ticket’s progress and interaction with the team. You can also contact us by email at

BAP Handbook

Also, the official documentation for Bitergia Analytics Platform is also available, where you can learn how to use it to get insights from software projects and community. Go to BAP Handbook

About Bitergia Analytics

Bitergia Analytics is a complete solution to get full insights into software development projects. It is a comprehensive solution that includes an analytics platform, training, support, and consultancy to make the most use of it.

Customers of the Bitergia Analytics services can reach their goals and make data-driven decisions about their software development teams. In fact, they can achieve this through the 4 services: Strategy, Customization, Analysis, and Reporting.

So, Bitergia Analytics is your best deal if you’re interested in a full-service offer that includes training, customization, strategy consultancy, and support, start by scheduling a demo.

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