Dobri, a new Bitergian joins the nest – Introducing our Technical Writer

In our latest incorporation to the nest, Dobroslawa (or Dobri as she prefers) joined Bitergia as the new team Technical Writer. In this blog post, we’re explaining the role of a Technical Writer, why Bitergia wants to fill this position, and why Dobri is a good fit for the team.  We will also present her professional path, and what ideas she has for the next steps.

To present Dobri and talk about the work of a Technical Writer in the company, Igor Zubiaurre, and Luis Cañas, part of the Consultancy team, wanted to explain and talk more about it.

Luis Cañas and Igor Zubiaurre introduce our technical writer
Luis Cañas and Igor Zubiaurre, Bitergians part of the Consultancy Team.

Why does Bitergia need a Technical Writer?

Igor: Bitergia has been and is slowly but steadily growing and thus we all have become very busy. Most of the existing documentation is technical and our growing user base demands more hands-on materials for final users. Most of us are technicians, not linguists. Nor are we native English speakers. And most of us share culture, so we also share its bias and suffer the same false friends, and are prone to overlook our mistakes.

Luis: Since the creation of the company we have been very focused on providing added value to our customers and to be honest, the documentation was not something that was on our priority list. Now with a much more stable product, we need clear, concise, and useful documentation empowers our new users. We have made some progress in creating material to improve the onboarding process, but we think it is time to level up all this material. This is where a Technical Writer will help us to improve the service.

Why did we choose to work with Dobri?

Igor: She connects with her experience as a teacher and strives to find the best way to approach her student. Although she lives in the UK she’s not a native English speaker, but many of our users aren’t either, so they benefit from polished (Dobri is from Poland 😉), easy-to-grasp explanations. In that regard, her ability to communicate goes beyond just writing: she can also squeeze visual design as well for getting her message through. And on top of her communication skills, she also has some analysis and tech backgrounds, so hopefully the perfect balance between proficiency and empathy.

Luis: In our first meetings with Dobri we liked very much the way she manages to have efficient communication. From the very beginning, she was able to understand our business model, due to her natural skills to categorize all the information received. For us, it was clear that she is a proactive person who likes challenges and technology. 

Nice to greet you, Dobri!

Dobri, our new technical writer

For this section, we asked Dobri why she wanted to be part of our team, her background and experiences, and how this experience will help Bitergia with these new challenges.

What is your background? 

After working for 5 years in IT, I understood that I could best use my analytical and communication skills as a Technical Writer. Motorola Solutions in Krakow employed me as a good fit for their team. I worked only a few months and decided to take a family break. After 11 years of being a freelance private tutor and trainer, I came back to the IT world offering my skills to speak and write simply about complex technical issues and ideas.

Have you heard about Bitergia before?

I believe that honesty, being open, authentic, and transparent are combined with the best policy. This is why I find Bitergia’s open source background appealing. Said that, I have to admit, I had not heard about Bitergia until Daniel wrote to me. As I love technology, writing, and working with IT people I happily welcome the opportunity to become a Bitergian. Thank you for inviting me to the team and Bitergia nest!

Why did you want to work with us?

I work with people and for people. I feel welcome on board and believe I can make a difference with Bitergians in the Open Source data analytics world.

  • YES 🙂 I love Bitergians being natural, open, authentic, protective, intelligent, and humble.
  • YES 🙂 I love the Bitergia family atmosphere.
  • YES 🙂 I love technology, especially data analytics.

So, triple YES!

What do you expect from your new role as a Technical Writer?

I hope that each of the Bitergians will share their insights and contribute creatively and openly to what I will be authoring. You all have skills, life and tech experience, know-how, and expertise that potentially can enrich texts and materials to be written. 

You can connect with Dobri and talk on LinkedIn or drop a message by email. She will be happy to answer any questions!

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