Pablo, a new Bitergian joins the nest – Introducing our Customer Support Engineer

Starting in March, Pablo Hinojosa joined the Bitergia team as our Customer Support Engineer. In this blog post, we want to share more about the Support team, their importance to our customers, and Pablo’s background and ideas.

To present our new member, Virginia Fernández, as part of the Customer Support team, wanted to talk about Pablo’s role on the team and give a warm welcome to him.

Virginia Fernández, our Customer Support at Bitergia

Bitergia Support and Customer Service

The support team is the first friendly face of Bitergia. We are always happy to be contacted by our customers and happy to help them. We analyze the needs of our clients and we deliver their requests to the corresponding team, so they can have the best experience from the Bitergia Analytics Platform. 

What new improvements we’re seeking?

Pablo has a big experience in the support team, so he has been very helpful with the migration of the new support platform. He is an energetic and proactive person, which allows us to improve some procedures as well as automate others. 

He is also been pushing to have our first release of the new Handbook shortly, and we expect to work on improving the Bitergia Analytics Platform, given our experience in the relationship with the client and his needs. 

Welcome to the nest, Pablo!

For this section, we ask Pablo about his background and experiences, what he can bring to Bitergia, and why he wanted to be part of our team. 

Why did you want to join Bitergia? 

The first time I knew about Bitergia was at OpenExpo 2014. I saw the Bitergia Analytics Platform in action with OpenStack and during the talk, Jose Manrique talked about very interesting metrics that I was not aware of. Thanks to the metrics you can get using the dashboard you can get very helpful insights from a data/numbers perspective and I liked it a lot.

Then I remember a trip to FOSDEM 2018, where during the flight I saw at the back of the plane Bitergia people together playing to Nintendo Switch. I remember me thinking: oh, Bitergia people are very cool.

Another reason is the companies where I have been working were free software consumers, but not free software developers, which boost my career path and my professional profile a step further. 

To sum up, cool people developing a nice product that is free software. Why not join them?

What is your background? 

The first time I saw Linux was at secondary school. I started to learn about it and when I went to University, I am proud to be a UGR (University of Granada) student, I was the Linux Evangelist that tried to install Linux on the computers of my buddies. I always say I made two careers, Systems Engineering and another one with groups of people that want to make a social impact (open source/free software, ecology, politics…) helping them with sysadmin tasks (fix problems, install platforms, management…).

Most of my jobs are technical support related, doing systems administration tasks as well. I cannot understand my career path without free software and I love attending free software events where I can learn in little time what I would need days of reading. 

First impressions & future actions 

I had a very good impression starting to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bitergia. We had a day of talks (some of them I liked a lot and some of them I did not have enough background to understand properly). I had never started in a company with a free software event and then a trip (Toledo travel was amazing). During my first days, I realized I was starting to work with highly skilled people and healthy people that create a healthy work environment.

My future actions are to polish and finish the tools and procedures of the support department and then help consultancy and engineering teams with systems administration technical issues. I like innovation, so I plan to improve the Bitergia Analytics Platform and Cauldron to the next level. 

Pablo also presents at conferences, he already went to the EsLibre Conference in Vigo, Spain, last June.

You can contact Pablo by dropping a message on LinkedIn or by email. He will be happy to answer any questions!

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