OpenInfra Summit 22: our event summary

The OpenInfra Summit was back and we went to Berlin, Germany! We had amazing experiences with keynotes and sessions from users like Volvo, Adobe, Bloomberg, China Mobile, and more. In this blog, we want to recap our participation in the event as Official Partners, a walk through the different activities, and the sessions on the Community Metrics Corner.

Welcome talk at OpenInfra Summit
Welcome talk at the OpenInfra Summit on the main stage

What was in the Schedule?

We had the opportunity to attend 100+ sessions around infrastructure use cases like cloud computing, edge computing, hardware enablement, and security. We found interesting topics in Open Development and also we collaborated with some talks like Squashing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Bugs in Open Source Projects:

We’ll used the idea of DEI bugs to discuss how we can identify where open source projects fall short in being inviting and inclusive. The goal of this framing is to find ways to squash these bugs and bring out the potential of everyone who has an interest in our open source projects. Watch again the complete session here

Georg Link talking about Squashing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Bugs in Open Source Projects
Georg Link talking about Squashing DEI Bugs in Open Source Projects

The Summit was also focused on helping users compose, integrate, and operate different technologies to solve real problems at scale. In this event, they also offer to collaborate directly with the people building and running open source infrastructure using OpenStack, Kubernetes, and 30+ other technologies.

Overview of the OpenInfra and Bitergia Partnership

Our bitergian Georg Link shared the stage with Thierry Carrez, GM of OpenInfra Foundation, in a lightning talk about our Partnership, they shared the background, goals, and vision of the partnership that OpenInfra and Bitergia have for providing metrics to OpenInfra projects. 

Georg Link and Thierry Carrez at the OpenInfra Stage
Georg Link and Thierry Carrez at the OpenInfra Stage explaining our new Partnership

“Bitergia is the internationally-recognized team of experts in open source metrics. It really makes sense for the OpenInfra Foundation to partner more closely with them as we look towards supporting the next decade of open infrastructure projects. Through this partnership, all OpenInfra projects will have access to pertinent and standard community metrics and insights.” – Thierry Carrez, GM of the OpenInfra Foundation

“OpenInfra has been a long-standing partner. We have been working together on project sustainability and diversity equity and inclusion. I’m super excited that we will work more closely with OpenInfra as it grows its projects and foundation. – Georg Link, Director of Sales at Bitergia.

Watch again the complete talk of Thierry and Georg again here.

Bitergia showed as a Silver Member
Bitergia was part of the Silver members of OpenInfra Summit 22

Different types of sessions: from mentoring to BOFs

We also organized specials sessions, the “Birds of a Feather”, in which we presented a topic and open the discussion with the audience, sharing thoughts, and experiences and trying to find together new ideas and solutions that might help everyone. The topics we discussed were about Community Metrics Strategy, how to understand project sustainability or identity commons barriers, and how to eliminate them to contribute to a more inclusive OpenInfra community.

A diverse schedule

We also found a speed mentoring activity, where during lunch, they organized groups were one mentor and few mentorees asked questions, shared experiences and followed the advice of the mentors.

speed mentoring
The Bitergians Georg Link and Emilio Galeano, participating in the speed mentoring activity.

Another event was the Diversity and Inclusion lunch, which started with a lightning talk followed by discussion groups, about the importance of inclusion and diversity groups in different work environments. 

RedHat hosted the Diversity and Inclusion Lunch at the OpenInfra Summit

You can find more recorded sessions and talks here

Community Metrics Corner at OpenInfra Summit – our spot!

Community Metrics Corner at Keynotes
The Community Metrics Corner presented on the welcome Keynote at main stage.

This year at the OpenInfra Summit, Bitergia hosted the “Community Metrics Corner” in partnership whit OpenInfra Foundation. A lounge for project members to talk about metrics, learn more about project sustainability, know-how their projects are doing, and also, a spot to hang out and relax.

Community Metrics Corner at OpenInfra Summit 22
The Community Metrics Corner, powered by Bitergia, a lounge to gather around and talk about metrics.

Also, during the event days, we showed different projects such as StarlingX, Kata Containers, and Zuul, that use the Bitergia Analytics Dashboard, and how it helps them in their work.

First, we share some insights about metrics and dashboards of the OpenInfra projects through Metrics Sessions called “Dashboard deep dives” in which each project was shown how we use the Bitergia Analytics Platform, explore the dashboard, walk through it, and find the features you can apply in it.

Deep dive sessions at OpenInfra Summit 22
The Dashboard Deep-dives sessions were organized along the 3 days of the event.

Some questions about the participant were about what do the graphs and visualizations look like in other communities? What can we compare it to? And for StarlingX we looked at the dashboard to compare the onion (core, regular, casual) bar chart and network diagram.

Deep dive sessions at OpenInfra Summit 22
Many people showed at the dashboard deep-dives sessions, all hosted by Georg Link

If you want to know more about these projects and how we work with them, contact us and we’ll answer your questions or also, you can even ask for a free demo request to have an interactive trial with the dashboard!

Indeed this new partnership brings us really special opportunities to work together, we’re very excited to see the next steps on the road.

Also, we’re glad to be part of this event, we had amazing moments and had new ideas and experiences to bring back home, and we’re already waiting for the next year’s OpenInfra Summit in Vancouver, Canada. See you all there!

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