Announcing our new Partnership with OpenInfra: launching at the OpenInfra Summit ‘22

We’re glad to announce our new partnership with the OpenInfra Foundation! OpenInfra and Bitergia agree to partner in providing metrics to OpenInfra projects. In this blog post, we want to share with you the details about the partnership and the OpenInfra Summit 2022!

OpenInfra has an opinionated way of supporting open source projects with the guidance of the “Four Opens” (Open Source, Development, Design, and Community) and believes metrics are a key success factor. As well Bitergia is a trusted metrics partner that is already known and used by OpenInfra members. 

“Bitergia is the internationally-recognized team of experts in open source metrics. It really makes sense for the OpenInfra Foundation to partner more closely with them as we look towards supporting the next decade of open infrastructure projects. Through this partnership, all OpenInfra projects will have access to pertinent and standard community metrics and insights.” – Thierry Carrez, GM of the OpenInfra Foundation

OpenInfra Summit 2022

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The OpenInfra Summit is back and headed to Berlin, Germany! The Summit schedule is live, featuring keynotes and sessions from users like Volvo, Adobe, Bloomberg, China Mobile, and more. In this event, you can also collaborate directly with the people building and running open source infrastructure using OpenStack, Kubernetes, and 30+ other technologies.

Summit Schedule

Summit attendees will engage in 100+ sessions around infrastructure use cases like cloud computing, edge computing, hardware enablement, and security. The Summit is likewise focused on helping users compose, integrate, and operate these different technologies to solve real problems at scale.

In addition to sessions on projects directly supported by the OpenInfra Foundation, there will be a strong focus on over 30 other open source technologies relevant to infrastructure operators.

Thus, the full event agenda is organized by use cases, including AI, CI/CD, containers, edge computing, hardware enablement, HPC, hybrid cloud, NFV, security, and public and private cloud.

Also, our Bitergian Georg Link will also be presenting at the OpenInfra Summit 2022, here’s a preview of the abstract:

Squashing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Bugs in Open Source Projects
Open source software projects are hyper collaborative environments but surveys reveal that project members lack diversity. There are many reasons why open source projects appear uninviting to people of underrepresented groups. We would consider these reasons “bugs” if the system was software. We’ll use the idea of DEI bugs to discuss how we can identify where open source projects fall short in being inviting and inclusive. The goal of this framing is to find ways to squash these bugs and bring out the potential of everyone who has an interest in our open source projects. A concrete suggestion is to walk in the shoes of others and take a fresh look at your project. The audience will walk away with actionable steps to take a new look at their own open source projects and start making a positive difference. 

Community Metrics Corner at OpenInfra Summit

Community Metrics Corner teaser

This year at the OpenInfra Summit 2022 in Berlin, Bitergia🦉 will host the “Community Metrics Corner”. This place is a lounge for project members to talk about metrics, learn more about project sustainability, know how their projects are doing, and also, hang out with us and relax!

Metrics and Dashboards for OpenInfra projects – powered by Bitergia, the OpenInfra Foundation’s Metrics Partner 

During the event days, we’ll go to show different projects that use the Bitergia Analytics Dashboard, and how it helps them in their work. Some of the projects that you can find are:

Metrics and Dashboards for OpenInfra projects

Also, as part of the OpenInfra-Bitergia partnership, every project gets a dashboard. OpenInfra projects can request additional metrics services from Bitergia, including:

  • DEI survey and analysis
  • pieces of training (base introduction training for free)
  • custom dashboard development
  • annual report
  • fairness, transparency, and openness analysis
  • additional analytics work based on a quote

Metrics Sessions

We’ll also have live sessions with a deep dive into the project of Zuul, StarlingX, and Kata Containers. Also, we’ll have special talks on topics such as Project Sustainability, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Community Metrics Strategy. Find more about the complete agenda so you don’t miss anyone! 

So, if you are attending the OpenInfra Summit in Berlin, look for the Community Metrics Corner! We’ll be in Level A (downstairs) right up next to the OpenInfra Stage, look for the owl🦉! And also, you can contact us to meet there!

OpenInfra Summit location map

About OpenInfra Foundation

With over 100,000 members in 187 countries, the OpenInfra Foundation helps open source communities build the tools infrastructure operators need for Data Center Clouds, 5G, Edge, and beyond. 

From Community, where anyone is welcome to contribute; Design, where diverse ideas are shared before the coding begins; Development, when every patch is visible and tested before it lands; to the Source code itself, which is shared with the world: each is critical to how we deliver open source.

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