Bitergia’s world tour 2021: A summary of experiences that we shared

This year we returned to face-to-face conferences when possible to share our experiences with metrics for open source and Innersource. We prepared a recap so you can review them again and don’t miss anything.

All Things Open 2021

Bitergia sponsored the All Things Open 2021 conference in October in Raleigh, North Carolina, as a bronze sponsor. We talk about identifying talent and knowledge based on the contributions made by people to open source and InnerSource projects. 

Specifically, Georg Link shared how to use a network diagram to identify contributors who participate in multiple projects and thus serve as boundary spanners who transfer knowledge between people and align development efforts. We also talked about how to use an onion model analysis and leaderboards to find the most active and most valuable contributors in any given project based on the different types of contributions they make. 

Image: Georg Link presenting at All Things Open 2021

You can review the presentation of Georg talking about Identify and Recognize your Most Valuable Contributors at the All Things Open 2021.

The talk was based on the Bitergia Analytics service, which provides a single source of information and saves hours switching between different platforms to get the data and metrics you need.

If you want to explore how our service can save you time, request a demo and we can help with your questions.

OSPOcon Europe 2021

We participated in OSPOcon Europe in October in London, UK. There, we talked about fostering discussion on the topic of measuring OSPO success by building on top of existing guidelines. We also shared our experiences, points of view, and lessons learned from working with customers in this area.

By participating in the CHAOSS community and working with Bitergia customers in the OSPO field, Daniel Izquierdo has had the opportunity to meet different organizations willing to understand the impact and ROI of participating in the open. From a C-level perspective, the usual question on the table is about the value of working in the open and the value of having an OSPO

Image: Daniel Izquierdo presenting at OSPOcon Europe 2021

You can watch here the presentation of Daniel talking about The Many Faces of Measuring OSPO Success.

You can use our Open Source Program Office (OSPO) Framework and Analytics Tool to develop the culture and best practices that support OSS, effectively engage with the OSS ecosystem and contribute to its sustainability.

We always want to hear from you! Let us know where you are in your OSPO journey and let us explore together whether it makes sense to partner up to accelerate the value your OSPO delivers to your organization.

InnerSource Summit 2021

We also participated in the InnerSource Summit in which Daniel Izquierdo and Igor Zubiaurre talked about the goal of creating a common model that fits the InnerSource requirements, but at the same time makes sense from a software product line perspective. 

When defining the end-to-end model, this has to be open, transparent, and foster collaboration by default. This has to create forums for discussion, spaces to safely share ideas and concepts across the organization. And this has to fit with each organization’s requirements (e.g., regulated environments).

Image: Daniel Izquierdo and Igor Zubiaurre presenting at InnerSource Summit.

Review the presentation of Daniel and Igor talking about working on an InnerSource Organizational Model

Strategies for Kick-Starting InnerSource

Strategies for Kick-starting InnerSource – Stories from Grupo Santander and Fidelity In this call, we are focused on Strategies to Kick-start InnerSource in enterprise organizations. We have seen InnerSource practices emerge from grass-roots movements or come from top-down leadership decisions. Both approaches have their advantages and challenges. Jesús Alonso Gutierrez (Grupo Santander) and Shishir Saxena (Fidelity) share stories about how and why InnerSource started in their organizations. 

Here you have the complete call with Jesús and Shishir, so you can review the stories again.

InnerSource Metrics, Value & ROI 

Check out our first InnerSource Commons Community Call, where we were joined by Daniel Izquierdo and Joe Patrao (Bloomberg) discussed metrics, values, and return on investment when implementing InnerSource.

Want to build a thriving software development community within your organization? Using our InnerSource Framework and Analytics Tools we can help you to break down silos and build collaboration with full visibility of what’s hot and what’s not. Or contact us for more information.

Open Source Summit China 2021

This year the Open Source Summit co-located with KubeCon/CloudNativeCon China in December. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship conference gathers adopters and technologists from leading open source and cloud native communities in China. At this time, We’ve been present sharing our ideas in the following talks:

On the needs of Metrics to Engage with Open Source Communities

Nowadays, Open Source is a trending topic in China, because of the lack of experience, a lot of corporations wonder how to measure the success of the open source community and their participation’s ROI. CHAOSS is the leading community in the metrics definition and software implementation of all of this and allows anyone to analyze open source software with open source tools

In this talk, Williem Jiang (Huawei) and Daniel Izquierdo (Bitergia), shared with the audience about the community of CHAOSS, a Linux Foundation project, and some of the key metrics to analyze open source projects used within a corporation as Huawei to mitigate the risks associated with using external software. 

OSS Project Health Metrics for Gitee Projects 

The Gitee platform is a popular platform for the growing China open source community, but that was not compatible with GrimoireLab, which is an open source tool for measuring the health and sustainability of open source projects. In a true open source way, international contributors added Gitee support to the GrimoireLab tools. 

For this talk, Yehui Wang (Huawei) and Georg Link (Bitergia), explained what kind of insights this improvement can give to open source projects, and how anyone on the Gitee platform can now get metrics and insights with GrimoireLab to help understand their projects’ health and sustainability. They also shared best practices for measuring open source project health. 

Do you want to apply these tools to your work? Check out our Open Source Program Office (OSPO) Framework and Analytics Tool to learn more about or contact us!

Upstream 2021

At this time we participated in this virtual event where we joined together like-minded application developers, open source project maintainers, and the extended network of people who care most about their work.

In this session, Georg Link discussed the use of leaderboards and alternative metrics we can use. The session included a brief introduction to leaderboards, how to implement them, and examples of successful and catastrophic uses. The insights shared in this talk came from conversations in the CHAOSS Community, which specializes in metrics for open source community health. 

Image: Georg Link presenting at the Upstream virtual conference.

Here you can review again the full presentation of Georg in the Upstream 2021.

Are you interested in applying these tools to your work? Check the Bitergia Services for OSPO or let us know how we can best help you by contacting us.

SeaGL 2021 

Building and Supporting Open Source Communities Through Metrics

The CHAOSS Project was started to help understand open source communities through metrics. We have had many conversations and realized that everyone cares about a different aspect of the community. This talk shared what we have learned in the CHAOSS Project about having metrics for open source communities. Once the right metrics have been decided on, challenges need to be overcome, both technical and organizational challenges. Finally, this talk shared real-world examples of how these metrics have been used to build and support open source communities.

Review the presentation of Georg at the SeaGL 2021 and if you want to Build your OSPO, contact us so we can help you!.

And we still have a lot to share! Read more about:

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