Welcoming the OpenSearch 1.0 release

As an official partner, Bitergia joins the celebration of the OpenSearch 1.0 release.

Bitergia is committed to open source. Elasticsearch and Kibana have been a core dependency of our own open source tool GrimoireLab.

However, Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch and Kibana, has been slowly reducing the features of the open source versions. Bitergia has since been looking at alternatives for building its Metrics as a Service platform Cauldron. Since Elastic stopped releasing open source versions of Elasticsearch and Kibana, OpenSearch was created as the open source alternative.

As a proud partner of OpenSearch, Bitergia will continue to be committed to open source and will be part of the move to OpenSearch as the new open source alternative for Elasticsearch and Kibana.

Now that OpenSearch 1.0 has been released, Bitergia begins planning the migration to OpenSearch. Several customers are eager to use new features that are coming with the migration to OpenSearch. More on specific features in future blog posts.

We will be sharing new updates on this transition to OpenSearch on our blog, and if you would like to join us in this journey and don’t miss anything, we advise you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

Additionally, if you would like to learn more about this new alternative, you can visit the Open Search website here.

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