Cauldron Cloud and OSS Reporting

If you are into open source, you might have heard about Cauldron, the metrics SaaS tool to help managers, developers, community builders and analysts to understand and to report insights about the people and processes involved in open source development of the projects that matter to them.

It has been more than a year since Bitergia started the project. With more than 30 releases and more than 3000 reports created today we are announcing Cauldron Cloud, which includes frequently requested features like organizational affiliation management. Keep reading to learn more.

What differentiates Cauldron Cloud from Cauldron?

Cauldron Cloud includes all the features and upcoming releases from Cauldron. The most popular features are:

  • Reports comparison: As requested by the Cauldron users community, sometimes people want to check the same insights for different projects, so Cauldron allows easily to build a comparison table with as many projects as the user wants. 
  • Custom dashboards: Cauldron provides some predefined insights and dashboards, but to report to different stakeholders users are able to build their own dashboards from the data gathered and processed by Cauldron.

So, what makes Cauldron Cloud different?

First of all, users get a dedicated 16GB of RAM and 320GB storage instance to run and manage the tool. It’s your own Cauldron, for your own needs.

We know that having contributor information is a big deal. It is the number one requested feature for Cauldron and with Cauldron Cloud we can finally make it available.

Since Cauldron Cloud is your secured private dedicated cloud instance, the public contributors information gathered is available to you. This includes usernames, email addresses, and organizational affiliations when contributors make them publicly available. 

And, as a big plus, Cauldron Cloud includes Sorting Hat to manage and curate that information, allowing to merge duplicate identities, to add affiliation information, or even more features to come. This allows attributing contributions to the same contributor even when they use different email addresses, such as personal gmail and work email, or usernames. This also allows building reports about which organizations are engaged in open source projects and how much.

With Cauldron Cloud, users are able to build more accurate reports about company contributions, and contributors engagement.

Manrique López, CEO at Bitergia

What is different from Bitergia Analytics services?

Cauldron, Cauldron Cloud, and Bitergia Analytics are built on top of GrimoireLab. The question is how they are different.

The biggest benefit of Bitergia Analytics is its full-service offering that includes training, customizations, strategy consultancy, and user support. In contrast, support for Cauldron is provided by the community of users, custom reports have to be created by the users themselves, and the training is self-paced through resources available online.

A highlight of Bitergia Analytics is the professional services that give you access to a team of software development analytics experts that helps you to develop a metrics strategy and customize the analytics platform to your organization’s business goals.

A unique feature to Bitergia Analytics is that it can collect data from 30+ different platforms to give you a more holistic picture of the software development projects that matter to you. In comparison, Cauldron and Cauldron Cloud currently support four data sources: Git, GitHub, GitLab, and Stack Exchange, which is enough to understand most open source projects. 

 Bitergia Analytics works both on public and private repositories (even on-prem for internal private development). For now, Cauldron supports analysis of open source projects only. If you are interested in Cauldron Cloud for your internal software development teams, please, let us know.

For a deeper understanding of Bitergia Analytics, feel free to schedule a free demo.

Choosing Cauldron Cloud and getting started

After comparing Cauldron Cloud with Cauldron and Bitergia Analytics you might be wondering whether it is the right solution for you. 

Bitergia Analytics is Bitergia’s full-service offering. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles, we recommend using Cauldron.

The free Cauldron service is great at getting started with metrics and insights about open source projects. We recommend you try it out first.

Cauldron Cloud is a great option, if you all need more insights to open source projects and specifically the engagement of organizations without the full-service of Bitergia Analytics.

You have chosen to try out Cauldron Cloud? Great! We have a special offer for early adopters. Order Cauldron Cloud now to lock-in our special low-price offer.

1. Go to

2. Customize your Cauldron Cloud instance

3. Submit your payment information

4. Within 2 business days your private Cauldron Cloud instance is up and running

Finally, please send us your feedback. Why did you choose to get Cauldron Cloud? Why did you choose NOT to get it? What do you like the most? What do you hate the most? Any feedback is welcome. Send us an email to:

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