What OpenStack brought to Bitergia

In 2010, the first version of OpenStack was released. During the years, big tech companies such as IBM, Red Hat or VMware have started to support OpenStack, and its popularity hasn’t stopped increasing since then. Indeed, OpenStack has been an important reference within open source cloud ecosystems, but also, for Bitergia. Do you want to know more about it? Keep reading!

Bitergia roots

The article “How companies are contributing to OpenStack” back in 2012, was one of the first projects Bitergia analyzed, with the current tolling available at that time.

Screenshot_2020-07-24 What OpenStack brought to Bitergia

OpenStack became one of our first customers, looking for transparency about their development processes. Beyond the dashboard we provided to Stefano Maffulli to help projects management, we did extra research such as other open source cloud project company footprint.

Thanks to this analysis, Bitergians were able to visit Tokyo and speak at OpenStack Summit Japan.

Screenshot_2020-07-22 IMG_20151027_192230

From that Bitergia became even more active travelers than we were! We visited Barcelona, Hong Kong, Paris, Tokyo, Austin and Berlin, where we made a lot of friends (people like Stephen R. Walli or Nithya Ruff), partners, and customers thanks to those trips.

The fuel of CHAOSS Diversity & Inclusion WG

In fact, a conversation with Nithya, currently at Comcast, was the inspiration for the “Gender Diversity Research” we did for OpenStack, co-sponsored by Intel thanks to another awesome friend met during these trips, Nicole Huesman.

And we did a lot of research and publications about gender diversity thanks to it!

Such activity has been the seed of the CHAOSS Diversity & Inclusion WG

Best is yet to come

After all these years, Bitergia keeps working for OpenStack Foundation providing valuable information about the software development community and processes of some of its key projects.

Happy birthday OpenStack!

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