A year in review: Bitergia 2019

Bitergia year in review is here for 2019! This post summarizes Bitergia’s main activities across this year.

The importance of being data-driven within software development

Bitergia has advanced how community managers can observe project health and added other new ways of getting insights from data. Analyzing an open source ecosystem across communities has been a hot topic this year. With the CHAOSS project, we looked at ways to understand the geographic distribution of open source contributors.

Because open source is more than GitHub, Bitergia and GitLab explored together how to get insights into a GitLab project activity, community, and performance, as well as the evolution of merge requests.

Bitergia explored the metric needs of DevRels, made the point that DevRel cares about software development metrics, and proposed KPIs and metrics for DevRel Program.

Bitergia provided some guidance for anyone who starts an Open Source Program Office (OSPO) and recommended to have a data-driven strategy for your new OSPO.

As a founding member of the InnerSource Commons and CHAOSS project, we showed how CHAOSS metrics can be interesting for InnerSource projects. After all, analyzing a community does not differ that much and can reduce uncertainty when knowing how well an InnerSource initiative is working. The key point is that boosting digital transformation requires tracking progress to stay on track.

Google Summer of Code and GrimoireLab

It was our pleasure to participate in Google Summer of Code again in 2019. Two students advanced GrimoireLab and specifically added source code metric support through a new component: Graal.

Bitergian joins the nest

In May, Georg Link joined Bitergia as Director of Sales and as our first representative based in the USA. During his onboarding, we “dogfooded” GrimoireLab, which was a fun and insightful team activity. Subsequently, we improved the GrimoireLab installation process.

Bitergia’s pet project, Cauldron,  keeps growing

A new R&D project at Bitergia is improving Cauldron. Cauldron is a SaaS implementation of GrimoireLab with the goal to make it very simple to start collecting data. The development is in early alpha, but initial feedback is very positive. Take Cauldron for a spin: https://alpha.cauldron.io/

Bitergia newsletter

Ok, this is not completely new. Those ones who know Bitergia for a long time will know we used to be quite active with our newsletters, but at some point, we stopped sending quarterly Bitergia news.

This year, we have re-defined Bitergia owl’s newsletters with Cauldron trials, GrimoireLab main upgrades and Bitergia latest news (top blog post during the quarter, talks at conferences, sponsorships, use cases, etc). If you’re ready to level up your software development analytics skills, just join the nest!

A look ahead to 2020

Since we just talked about Cauldron, let’s start with our plans for Cauldron. We will continue to make the platform easier to use and add features. Additional data sources to provide a more holistic view of communities are at the top of our wish list. As we enter the beta phase, we will be seeking many more test users to explore the scalability of our platform.

In 2020, we will be giving back more than ever to the open source community. Bitergia will continue to be a strong partner in the CHAOSS project and the InnerSource Commons. We majorly helped organize upcoming community events: CHAOSScon Europe 2020 and InnerSource Commons Spring Summit 2020. We will sponsor several events, starting with CHAOSScon Europe, SCALE 18x, InnerSource Commons Spring Summit, and OSCON, but we’re considering sponsoring more.

We are looking forward to delivering more value to our customers. As a contracted partner of the Apache Software Foundation and in cooperation with Anita Sarma, we will help deliver the results of the 2020 ASF Community Survey. We have a few other very interesting projects that we unfortunately cannot talk about due to Non-Disclosure Agreements.

The team at Bitergia wishes you a Joyous Holiday and a Happy New Year.


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