Bitergia owls everywhere! Join us at FOSDEM and CHAOSSCon 2019

This February, Bitergians are more ready than ever. Do you want to know why? 2018 has been a year full of new development features, product improvement, etc and there is no better time than FOSDEM and CHAOSSCon to show what’s new at GrimoireLab platform.

Bitergia team have a busy agenda full of talks and workshops!

CHAOSSCon talks

What’s new in CHAOSS/GrimoireLab?

Bitergian CEO, Manrique Lopez, will catch up with the latest news about Bitergia upgrades on GrimoireLab. This talk is a good opportunity to get an overall view of how GrimoireLab looks: new panels, data sources, and so on.

Putting Order into CHAOSS: Metrics to Analyze Code Development

As a first-time speaker, Bitergian Marketing Specialist Ana Jiménez Santamaría and CDO Daniel Izquierdo will show us a set of of panels (AKA panels collection) to visualize, analyze and better identify growth, maturity and decline status in open source projects. Putting into action some of the already established CHAOSS GMD WG metrics definitions.

GrimoireLab Alerts

At this lightning talk, Luis Cañas will show an example of how to integrate a free, open source alerting service with GrimoireLab.

Creating a Bookshelf of Panels

Do you want to know how to prepare a bookshelf of panels? At Alberto García and Daniel Izquierdo‘s session, you will take a walk on the GrimoireLab panels offering a closer look at the metrics by looking at real numbers ease to get a deeper understanding.

SortingHat: Managing Contributor Identities in your Software Project

And last but not least, don’t miss Valerio Consentino‘s lightning talks about our most recent development on GrimoireLab tool for tracking contributor identities, SortingHat, and a new under-development tool to add new analytics capabilities to GrimoireLab, Graal (read about it in one of our latest posts)

CHAOSSCon Registration

If you are going to FOSDEM, let’s meet first at ChaossCon! Registration is still open and the event will be held just the day before FOSDEM starts.

FOSDEM talks

At Bitergia, we’re specialized on quantitative approaches to analyze software development projects. Graal, mentioned before, is an open source tool which enables Bitergia platform (based on GrimoireLab) to monitor the evolution of source code information, including licensing and qualitative analysis. If you want to know more about Graal, what’s behind this tool, and how can it be used as an extension of Grimoirelab , don’t miss Valero Consentino’s session: “Making Sense of so many License Compliance Tools”

As our Bitergian David Moreno said: “There are plenty of tools that can analyze data in many ways, but just a few of them try to visualize this data in new ways”. David has developed VBoard, an open source application that allows to visualize dashboards in 3D an VR. During the session “VBoard, making web dashboards in 3D and VR”, he will show us how to import data using GrimoireLab and build the visualization with VBoard.

Less than the 20% of the work force within tech teams are women. This low participation number gets worse if you analyze to some open source communities, such as Linux Kernel or Openstack, where women participation hardly reach the 10%. Daniel Izquierdo will analyze Python project and show us how to retrive, curate, clean and visualize the information using GrimoireLab and its new features. Discover more at his talk “Beyond the 10%: analysis of the gender-diversity gap”

Meet in Brussels

So, more than ever, it’s gonna be an stressful weekend in Brussels. But if you are interested in software development analytics, if you already use GrimoireLab or any other tool, if you have ideas about how to improve software development analytics, we want to meet you, because community feedback and exchange ideas with others is the most valuable outcome of the FOSDEM weekend. Meet us in CHAOSSCon or in the FOSDEM cafeteria (you will see us in the Bitergia’s table).

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