FOSDEM 2018 is coming!

Once again, Bitergia will be in FOSDEM, and we are working hard to have some good stuff to share with you during the following days in Brussels.

First of all, we used to organize a meeting on Friday for those people interested in free, open source software development analytics. It started as the FLOSS Community Metrics Meeting. And then, we moved it to GrimoireCon to focus it more around GrimoireLab. This year, we have that meeting again, on Friday. But, this time… it’s bigger!

CHAOSSCon full schedule, from 9am to 6pm, on February, 2, 2018
CHAOSSCon full schedule

Since GrimoireLab is now a CHAOSS project, we have changed the name again!

Now it’s the CHAOSSCon (follow @CHAOSSCon or #CHAOSSCon hashtag in Twitter for news!). It’s a full day of keynotes, talks, and workshops. Psst, there are still some free tickets available! Ask for them!!

And, once again, GrimoireLab has a table in FOSDEM, and you might find us in the H building (level 1). You are more than welcome to visit us and ask any question about GrimoireLab you have. And there’ll be some swag available too!

Luis in Bitergia stand in FOSDEM
Our stand ready to rock!

Of course, we’ll try to get our table in the cafeteria too. You are also more than welcome to visit us there!

And last, but not least, there’ll be Bitergians giving talks in FOSDEM:

If you are in FOSDEM, and you are interested in free, open source development and software development analytics, we want to meet you!

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