Lots of news during May

We have been working very hard to have everything ready for May (new website, more data sources supported in our technlogy stack, and a little surprise). Our team was presenting a lot of that in two main conferences during May:

  • Community Leadership Summit (AKA: CLS), where we participated in several sessions related with community metrics for Open Source and Inner Sourcing initiatives and we managed the FLOSS Community Metrics meeting.
  • OSCON, where we had our first time ever booth there, and a talk about code review process metrics

Our main target for the week was to present an update of our technology stack (GrimoireLab), our partnership program and a new try yourself demo for analyzing GitHub organizations or personal public repositories: Cauldron.io

We are more than happy with the results

Community Leadership Summit

As usual, during the weekend before OSCON we got the CLS, the community leaders meeting to discuss about community management related topics, and it was interesting to see that metrics was the second hottest topic for the meeting.

We were involved in some Open Source and Inner Sourcing metrics related unconference sessions, but the most important part of the weekend was the FLOSS Community Metrics meeting, were Cauldron.io was presented.


We had a meeting with Jono Bacon about how to integrate this meeting with CLS, and we’ll have interesting news during following weeks. Stay tuned

Software Development Analytics workshop

On Monday 16th, we ran a workshop to explain specific parts of our technology and shared our knowledge about how to improve software projects management with quantitative analysis. There will be more, but current materials can be found here:


A three days conference is usually intense, but if you have a booth, then, it’s like a roller coaster!

We set up a raffle for people that had tested Cauldron.io during the conference, and it’s great to have beta-testers providing feedback. But, we were also presenting our partnership program for those interested on providing our services for their customers, and the many new things that you can already see in our new website!


Our colleague Daniel Izquierdo gave a talk about the code review process in Xen Project, as one of our latest use/business cases. Because, providing metrics is one thing, but providing useful metrics for project managers is the key business for us!

Final remarks

We would like to thank Mathew Revell for his interview at the booth and Diane Müller for her continuous support and taking us into account for the diversity and open source roundtable


As usual, several photos are available, and we love the sound of Austin…

Check our next events and let’s meet there!

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