Fosdem 2016

It’s been an amazing FOSDEM, as always. We had the opportunity to chat (sometime very briefly) with friends and people we see time to time. FOSDEM always feels like home 🙂

It’s been stressful as well. So, let’s start day by day…

FLOSS Community Metrics meeting (#FCM2)

On Friday, we celebrated the FLOSS Community Metrics Workshop and Conference. It was the first time we organized the morning workshop. We have the opportunity to present our new Open Development Analytics dashboard (in this case using data from OpenStack) and several use cases for development analytics: code review process analysis for Xen and OpenStack, hackathons ROI and gender diversity analysis.

The afternoon discussions about Inner Sourcing, gender and diversity, quality versus quantity, among others, focused the debate and showed the increasing of interest about tools that help to measure what happens in our projects and communities in an open, free and transparent way.

It was a success, thank you all for coming and for the feedback provided. We will improve the next edition that will take place on May co-located with OSCON where we are going to have a booth on the Expo and session on the program about code review process.

Most of the slides are available at We recorded some of the workshop, conference and lightning talks. We are working now on the edition, so as soon as we can they will be published.


We planted our base on the cafeteria 🙂 where we had really interesting talks about metrics, communities, and open development analytics.

We spent the rest of the weekend attending talks. The talk from Jesus on the Legal and Policy Issues devroom on Saturday about “Who controls your project? Governance in the real world” was really crowded…

… as well as the lightning talk about learning software development analytics with Kibana dashboards.

Our on going work on the new Open Development Analytics platform has got possitive feedback during the conference:

We are already waiting next FOSDEM, in the meanwhile, see you at OSCON!

Check also some photos we took during FOSDEM’16 days

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