Bitergia team at FOSDEM!

One more year, Bitergia team will be at FOSDEM (January 30th & 31st), the conference that offers open source communities a place to meet, share ideas and collaborate.

FOSDEM is a free and non-commercial event organised by the community for the community. It’s the best place to get in touch with other developers and projects; be informed about the latest developments in the open source world; attend interesting talks and presentations on various topics by open source project leaders and contributors; to promote the development and the benefits of open source solutions.

Bitergia has been working during the last years on metrics and how they can increase the transparency in projects, helping gain a deeper knowledge of development processes and better understanding the communities by using open source tools. FOSDEM seems to be one of the right places to talk about metrics and open source analytical tools. So…

Bitergia Kibana dashboards screenshots
Bitergia Kibana based dashboards with data from some FOSS dev community

One of our team, Jesús M. Gonzalez-Barahona is going to participate on the Legal and Policy Issues devroom on Saturday 29th at 17:00 on Room H.2213 with a talk about “Who controls your project? Governance in the real world”. In this talk, Jesús will present some ways of measuring to which extent governance may be subverted (or not) by real practices, how that can be detected, and tracked. From this base, he will show how a continuous tracking of those behaviors can contribute to a more fair development community, and to increase the trust in the project. The discussion will be framed by the concept of “open development analytics“.

On Sunday 30th, at 10:40 on the Lightning Talks room (H.2215 Ferrer), Jesús will teach you in 15 minutes how to explore data from git or Gerrit repositories using a Kibana-based dashboard.

For second year, the Friday before FOSDEM (January 29th) we are organizing the FLOSS Community Metrics Meeting #FCM2, an open conference for community managers, DevRel managers, and FLOSS community experts to present ideas, tools, and analysis that the FLOSS community is already doing with FLOSS platforms. From 15PM to 18PM – just in time for the Fosdem beer event – you could join the talks, lightning talks, and open discussion about collaboration and synergies focus on development of new tools, improvement of existing ones, and how to spread the knowledge about what is being done and can be done in this area. Registration is free.

But we have a novelty on this edition: Software Development Analytics Workshop. What is this? Bitergia will provide a workshop focused on how to measure Open Source projects, and how these metrics can produce valuable information for different professional profiles. The workshop will take place on Friday morning (January, 29th) before the #FCM2, from 11AM to 13PM. You can register for FREE using the registration form.

This is just a introductory workshop, please feel free to leave a comment and tells us what would you like to learn so we can introduce it in the next edition that would be in May, co-located with OSCON (Austin) where we are going to have another #FCM2 as part of the Community Leadership Summit 2016, a talk on the conference program and a booth with surprises on the Expo 😉

We’ll arrive on Thursday 28th for FOSDEM, so if you are in Brussels, let’s meet and chat about FOSS, metrics, open source tools, maybe having a beer? We are going to wear our orange and new black T-shirts and our orange txapela (an special type of beret), so feel free to say hello!

Luis and Manrique with the new Bitergia's Txapela (beret)
Luis and Manrique with the new Bitergia’s Txapela (beret)

Contact us on Twitter @Bitergia, register for the metrics workshop and the #FCM2, or stop by our talk on Saturday or Sunday, and see you in Brussels!

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