Check our Kibana-based development dashboards!

While we’re developing and testing our new toolchain for producing Kibana-based software development dashboards, we’re producing a good collection of them, with real data from real projects.

Bitergia Kibana dashboards screenshots
Bitergia Kibana based dashboards with data from some FOSS dev communities

Just in case you are interested in having a look at them and provide some feedback, here is a partial list:

Remember that those are still proofs of concept, data is not completely validated, and you know, your mileage may vary… This said, remember that you can click almost anywhere, thus filtering and reconfiguring the dashboard, and that you can later share the results with those filters (look for the “Share” button on the top right icon area).

If you have any comment, please let us know, it will be greatly appreciated.

These dashboards and many more new things will be shown during Free / Libre Open Source Software Community Metrics meeting.. Don’t miss it!

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