The numbers of the Open Cloud (Tokyo edition)

During the last OpenStack Summit, in Tokyo, we presented the talk “The numbers of the Open Cloud“. Now it is online, including video and slides. The talk presented some aspects of the development process of OpenStack, Apache CloudStack, OpenNebula and Eucalyptus. It included some details about OpenStack, and some new Kibana-based dashboards for them (you can also have a look at our more recent OpenStack Gerrit activity and OpenStack Git activity dashboards).

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This is the latest presentation of our series on quantitative analysis of the main free, open source software projects producing cloud infrastructure systems. See for example the first in the series, which was presented in OSCON 2014, and compare with the current situation.

The talk presented as well an analysis of the diversity (both in terms of developers and of companies participating in the development), using the Pony and Elephant factors as an indicator.

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Download the slides of the presentation as a PDF document, and click in the links in it to get access to the details!

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