The OpenStack Juno release: activity and organizations

Within a few hours the OpenStack Juno release will be delivered. At the moment of writing this analysis the OpenStack Activity Board shows 91,317 commits spread across 108 repositories. All of this activity was performed by close to 2,600  developers, affiliated to about 230 different organizations. In addition, around 75,000 changesets have gone through code review, submitted by 3,082 developers.

With respect to community communication channels, there were more than 3 million messages exchanged in the IRC channels, close to 10,000 questions asked on the Askbot instance of the OpenStack Foundation and about 3,600 people posting to the mailing lists.

Focusing on the Juno six-month release cycle, activity was intense:

  • 18,704 commits, 8.65% increase if compared to the previous release cycle, Icehouse.
  • More than 130 organizations contributing.
  • Close to 1,420 developers, an increment of about 16%.
  • IRC channels grew from 926K to 1,024K messages, 10% more than for Icehouse.
  • Mailing lists reduced activity (8.8% less messages). However, there is an increase of 18% in the number of new questions in Askbot, with a total of about 3,000 new questions during the Juno release cycle.

The top 10 organizations contributing to the Juno release shows a list similar to the one for the Icehouse release.

Top 10 organizations contributing to OpenStack Juno
Top 10 organizations that contributed to the development of the OpenStack Juno release

The main changes in this area come from HP, with a 50% increase in commits with respect to Icehouse, eNovance that after being acquired by Red Hat helps it to keep its position as main contributor, and B1 Systems and VMware which are new entries in the top 10.

A deeper analysis shows the organizations leading the development of each OpenStack program (this classification by program based in part on the Programs classification provided by the OpenStack Foundation in the governance yaml file):

  • OpenStack Software: Red Hat, IBM.
    • Integrated: Red Hat, IBM.
    • Incubated: Rackspace, HP
    • Clients: Red Hat, IBM
    • Others: Red Hat, Mirantis
  • Common Libraries: Yahoo!, Red Hat
  • Infrastructure: HP, OpenStack Foundation
  • Documentation: Suse, Rackspace
  • Quality Assurance: HP, NEC
  • Deployment: Red Hat, HP
  • Devstack: Red Hat, HP
  • Release Cycle Management: Red Hat, HP

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  1. Hello Jonathan,

    Indeed eNovance contributions are part of Red Hat contributions after the 2014-06-18. And Inktank contributions are counted as Red Hat’s after the 2014-04-30.

    You can check these numbers on the publicly available database at Please, let me know if you have any other questions or if you find any issue in the dataset. Feedback is always appreciated :).

  2. Surprising Rackspace contributing lots of code but I never hear any customers looking at their platform. Redhat playing catch up to integrate with their existing software packages. How many enterprise customers running OpenStack with IBM vs Ubuntu OpenStack, which is not on the list?

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