Companies contributing to Icehouse: preliminary results

Less than two weeks for a new release of the OpenStack software. As usual, we at Bitergia keep contributing to this project through the Comunity Activity Board project as part of the openstack-infra project. A beta version of our companies analysis of the Icehouse release is already available at the OpenStack releases dashboard, where previous releases are accessible as well: Havana, Grizzly, Folsom and Essex.

Preliminary number of commits per organization in the Icehouse release
Preliminary number of commits per organization in the Icehouse release

An interesting fact: while for previous releases contributing organizations changed a lot, from Havana to Icehouse release top contributors keep stable with no big changes. Even more: no big changes in the top organizations, and no big changes in the number of commits. The only new entry in the top ten is Intel, with the rest contributing in a similar way as they were in Havana.

Number of commits per organization in Havana release

The total number of organizations contributing to the OpenStack repositories have decreased a bit, going down from 154 in Havana to the 130 in this release. [Disclaimer: we are still in the quality assurance process of the dataset, so numbers may vary a bit].

The OpenStack community keeps being a very diverse one, in terms of company participation.No single company is controlling development, and if we aggregated the contributions by all organizations not in the top ten, they would be the first contributor (Others bar in the charts).

This is just a very first glimpse about how the OpenStack community has behaved during the last release. As a continuation of our basic report about the Havana release, we are publishing another one extended and updated for Icehouse, that will address aspects such as the evolution of the community, comparisons among organizations, core projects, specific analysis focused on the demographics of the community and in general more in depth analysis.

Stay tuned!

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  1. The number of non-affiliated contributors more than doubled between Havana and Icehouse, which suggests a change in how people declare (not) their affiliation when they join the OpenStack Foundation. This increase with the decrease in total number of known companies may be a signal with a common cause. It requires further investigation.

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