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The analysis of the OpenStack community is one of the challenging activities on which Bitergia is working. OpenStack enjoys a very lively community, with interest from many companies and a lot of people from around the globe. But, let’s go to the numbers so you can have a better picture:

  • devs1,263 developers, with close to 200 of them contributing every week
  • 3,392 participants in the ticketing system
  • 1,472 members in the mailing lists
  • More than 12,000 people from 130 different countries registered in the OpenStack Foundation.

Some other amazing numbers: annual increase of almost 65% in commits, 55% in Launchpad activity, and an incredible 639% in mailing lists. It is clear that once mailing lists were ready, a huge amount of people started to use them.


We at Bitergia truly believe in numbers, and those are good indicators showing how the OpenStack community is attracting more and more interest from the industry. It seems that we’re going to have a great time in Hong Kong during the next summit.

For this event, we have created a new version of the metrics browser, (please, notice that this link will disappear at some point in the near future) so there is a clearer picture of the activity of the community. More community focused, this dashboard panel provides a full overview of the three main sources of information (git repositories, Launchpad tickets and mailing lists). This was possible thanks to the comments we obtained from the OpenStack mailing lists.


This is still an alpha version, but the earlier we release it, the earlier we start retrieving feedback from you. And wee need your feedback! Comments are welcome through the usual channels: the openstack-dev mailing list (use the [metrics] tag), the Launchpad OpenStack Community tracker or directly as a comment to this post.

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