LinuxCon Europe 2013

Another step in our particular Octuber’s tour. Last week we have been in Edinburgh for the LinuxCon Europe 2013. It has been a quite challenging event, with lots of meetings and interesting talks. The main difference with Open World Forum experience has been the technical profile of most of the attendees, so there were less suits and more t-shirts around the venue.

LinuxCon was hosting also the CloudOpen so there were a lot of cloud companies around like OpenStack, Apache CloudStack or CloudSoft. It seems that the cloud is clearly a great place for free / open source software and many companies are working on it, as it shows for example our latest analysis about OpenStack.

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Liferay and its growth during the last years

During the last weeks we have been presenting some of our results in the Liferay Developer conferences in Berlin and Madrid. A daily challenge in our business is to improve the knowledge of the community developers about its project and according to the good feedback we got from the developers this has been achieved.

The Liferay community is driven by a single company and based on the data we got they are doing it well. During the last months the company is hiring one engineer per week, which explains in part the huge growth of code authors during the last four years. Basically the number of developers since 2009 was multiplied by four. During the first half of 2009 the number of people contributing to the source code was 58, four years later during the first half of the current year the number of persons who have contributed to the source code has been 201.

Monthly code authors vs. code committers
Monthly code authors vs. code committers

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The OpenStack Havana release

Havana release is scheduled on the 17th of October. In just a few hours the new version of OpenStack will be ready. As we did for other releases, we at Bitergia have prepared the Havana development dashboard for showing and exploring the main development parameters of the project during this cycle. The first headline that becomes apparent by browsing it is that during these last six months, the OpenStack community has experienced the most active period in their history, and still keeps growing and growing.

Figure 1: Organizations participating in the development of the OpenStack Havana release

Havana may well be titled as the 900-developers-release. In approximately six months of work, between the 4th of April till the 17th of October, this community has been able to receive contributions from 900 different people, affiliated to more than 150 organizations. And we are only talking about the source code activity.

In fact, aggregated numbers are impressive:

  • Commits: 13,624
  • Developers: 923
  • Messages sent: 14,426
  • Opened tickets: 9,455
  • Source code reviews: 21,228

However, the comparison with previous releases is still more interesting.

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Open World Forum 2013

During early October days, we’ve been in Paris for the Open World Conference 2013 (AKA OWF 2013) as first stop of our October’s Tour, and it has been a quite interesting meeting.

OWF location

First of all, OWF is not an Open Source freaks event, and business is one of the event’s target, so there were many well suited people talking about opportunities and so on. Of course, you can see people doing freak things…

Some companies missed it, but most of the big ones where there somehow: Red Hat, Openstack, Suse, Citrix… and even Debian, that is not a company, but it is a reference in the Open Source world. I’ve had the chance to talk with some old friends and to meet new ones. So, it has been a good networking event, but some kind of reception/dinner/party? would helped.

On Friday, we were invited to talk about the metrics and analysis we do in Bitergia and how it helps on Open Source projects for the Open Source in practice track. It’s been great sharing the desk with people like:

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OpenStack community numbers

The analysis of the OpenStack community is one of the challenging activities on which Bitergia is working. OpenStack enjoys a very lively community, with interest from many companies and a lot of people from around the globe. But, let’s go to the numbers so you can have a better picture:

  • devs1,263 developers, with close to 200 of them contributing every week
  • 3,392 participants in the ticketing system
  • 1,472 members in the mailing lists
  • More than 12,000 people from 130 different countries registered in the OpenStack Foundation.

Some other amazing numbers: annual increase of almost 65% in commits, 55% in Launchpad activity, and an incredible 639% in mailing lists. It is clear that once mailing lists were ready, a huge amount of people started to use them.

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