Bitergia to commercialize results from the ALERT project

The MetricsGrimoire toolset, a key component for the software development analytics services provided by Bitergia, has been improved in the context of the ALERT project. The improvements have been contributed back, and incorporated in the MetricsGrimoire code base. Bitergia is using these tools for analyzing software development repositories, and has decided to provide commercial services specifically targeted at supporting and customizing the tools for interested customers.

ALERT project

ALERT is a R&D project funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme, aimed to improve the development process in open source collaborative environments. The ALERT system provides methods and tools to improve the coordination among collaborative as well as distributed virtual teams developing software in open source communities, and in software development companies. The project, which has already delivered its final results, has been evaluated by its reviewers as “excellent”.

MetricsGrimoire includes tools for retrieving information from source code management systems (git, Subversion, etc.), ticketing systems (Bugzilla, Jira, issue tracking systems in GitHub, Launchpad, Allura, etc), mailing lists, and code review systems (Gerrit). These tools (CVSAnalY, Bicho, MLStats) retrieve information from these development repositories, and organize it in a MySQL database, which can be later analyzed and visualized with the vizGrimoire tools.

In addition to use these tools for its studies and customized dashboards, Bitergia will provide on-demand customization and improvement of the tools, commercial support, and integration services to third parties. Bitergia will also collaborate with the emerging MetricsGrimoire community to establish it as the de-facto standard for the retrieval and organization of information from software development repositories, ensuring its future as a free / open source software platform.

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