Do you want to measure your project?

On February 3rd, I was delivering a lightning talk at FOSDEM, presenting MetricsGrimoire and vizGrimoire as free software tools to get some analytics from the software repositories of your preferred project. The talk was titled “Do you want to measure your project?”, as it was focused on explaining the capabilities of these tools for analyzing a project, and on how they can be easily used for that.

Do you want to measure your project? [slides]
Do you want to measure your project? [slides]

The talk provided a technical view of the MetricsGrimoire project, which produces a set of tools that can be used to analyze many kinds of software development repositories, from git or Subversion to Bugzilla, Jira or the SourceForge, GitHub and Launchpad issue trackers. Some related tools (from the vizGrimoire toolset) allow for different kinds of analysis and visualization of the retrieved data. When combined, quantitative data and charts about many different aspects of any free software project can be obtained, gaining knowledge about its evolution, performance, community, source code structure, etc. Both MetricsGrimoire and vizGrimoire are at the core of many of our (Bitergia’s) reports and dashboards.

The archive at the FOSDEM site includes a video of the talk, in case you missed it and still want to have a look. Slides are available at SpeakerDeck.

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