Project analytics integrated into Allura

One of the business lines we have at Bitergia is the integration of project analytics with forges. And one of our first targets has been Allura, the free software forge that runs the new SourceForge. We’re finally proud to announce that the integration is finally ready and is fully functional. It will be improved with time, but you can already put it to work, if you happen to run Allura.

Project analytics in Allura
Project analytics in Allura

Project analytics for Allura use information in the project repositories to produce some charts, which are visualized as a part of the Allura user interface. They are implemented as a module, which does the following work:

  • Extracts relevant data from project repositories using the Metrics Grimoire tools.
  • Produces JSON files based on the information extracted
  • Lets the vizGrimoireJS JavaScript library vizualize those JSON files.

Currently, it visualizes information about tickets, mailing lists, and some source code management repositories (git being the best supported).

Project analytics: source code
Project analytics: source code

In addition to the now traditional charts on evolution, and to the tables with most relevant facts, we’re also including some new functionality from vizGrimoireJS, such as the radar charts, which show a summary of several parameters.

Project analytics: radar summary
Project analytics: radar summary

If you’re running an Allura instance, you can already try all of this, just check out the corresponding feature branch from the allura git repository (acs2/5518). Detailed information can be found in the corresponding ticket. Any feedback is appreciated!

[And of course, kudos to Álvaro del Castillo, who carried on this integration, and most of the work with vizGrimoireJS]

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