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Hello World!

This is probably the best way of telling everyone that a new company was born some weeks ago. Its name is Bitergia and our goal is to bridge the gap between the industrial world and open source projects.

Our expertise is focused on providing software development metrics that will facilitate the life of companies when investing their money. The open source world is full of projects and skilled people that in some cases are underestimated by the big industry. However, during the last years, big players have fostered the use of open source projects, probably having its own “big bang” for the general public with the adoption of Android based systems.

A more transparent and skilled software development process is offered by open source projects and general support is provided by the community. Or in a more professionalized way, given by companies specialized in such technologies.

But, what is Bitergia providing?. Well, we aim at providing pretty specific information about pretty specific questions that may affect the viability or interests  of companies. Some examples:

Companies: in general terms companies usually provide resources to open source projects. Some successful examples are the Apache web server,  Eclipse, MySQL or other cases. However, do you know the real productivity of each company? (number of developers, typical activity in added or removed lines), the authorship or knowledge of the source code? (areas of the source code modified only by specific companies), the value of a community?. Or other type of questions such as if your project is having a 24 hours development process from companies or developers around the world or the typical time to fix a bug per company.

Tracking of specific developers: if those are part of your company, do you know their real activity in the project?, are you interested in hiring some people from specific communities or at least having skilled support from them?, do you know the best developer for your purposes?.

Risks associated to the development process: in some cases there exist not very well known risks associated to the project. Among others, it is possible to calculate the aging of the source code (how old is your source code?), abandoned areas (no activity for a long time) of it or orphaned (areas of the source code whose authors do not participate any more) . In addition, there are other typical metrics related to the general maintenance or evolution of the source code. Finally it is worth mentioning other metrics such as the regeneration of the core members of the project (or core companies), or how different is becoming your forked project from the original.

All in all, these are only a small part of the information that we are working on. Keep in touch, there are some good news coming in the following days!.

The Bitergia team.

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